School rules

The protocol is listed in our  School rules of organisation and operation . Behaviours and actions that breach the school rules will be subject to corrective measures by the school if they occur during curricularand extracurricular activities or school services, or on school property, in the canteen or transport service organised by the school.  Actions by students which, although taking place off campus, are motivated by school life or are directly related to and affect other students or other members of the education community, will also entail the adoption of appropriate corrective measures and punishments.

Respect members of the educational community.

• Students must be respectful of the faculty, non-teaching staff and their peers.

• Students must immediately heed the warnings of teachers and non-teaching staff.

• Students must use appropriate language and behave politely.

Use and maintenance of equipment, furniture and facilities.

• Common equipment and that of colleagues must be respected.

•Furniture must be used well and all facilities and school spaces must be taken care of.

• Painting, scratching, writing or soiling the tables, walls, hallways, doors, etc. is not allowed.

• In case of damage due to negligence or misuse of equipment, furniture or facilities, the student who caused the damage must repair it or pay for its repair.

Things to remember:

Phones and computers

All incidents will be communicated to parents via SMS.

1st time, the device will be confiscated and kept in the secretary’s office and it must be picked on the same day (from 17:00) by an adult. 2nd time, the same procedure, from a period of 5 days.  3rd time, the same procedure for a period of 10 days.  Students may not use a replacement device. 4th time, it will be considered as gross misconduct.

Punctuality and wearing the uniform

Each entry on the report cardmeans that the student will not have morning recess. A fourth entry will lead to the family being notified and the student must perform social tasks in the school outside of school hours (8:30 to 9:30 or 17:00 to 18:00).


Any expulsion from the classroom will lead to: filling in the appropriate file by the teacher, staying with the teacher on duty in the classroom and sending an SMS to the family. On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd times, the student will not have morning break the following day. From the second time the student may attend mediation. The fourth expulsion will automatically be considered as gross misconduct and the student will be expelled from the school for a period of 1-3 days.

Lack of respect will be recorded in the report sheet and considered as a gross misconduct.
Gross misconduct (if there is no physical violence) will be dealt with as follows:
1.) 2 days without break time in the morning and 1 day doing social work outside of school hours.
2.)four days without break time and three days doing social work outside of school hours.
3) five days without break time and 5 days doing social work outside of school hours.
4) expulsion for 1-3 days and the record will being. In subsequent instances of gross misconduct, the suspension time go increase from 3 days, 5 days, 8days to indefinitely. Procedure for gross misconduct: telephone notification to families and a written record by the teacher present at the incident.

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