Rules of organisation and operation

Punctuality and attendance

• It is mandatory to attend classes and scheduled activities and submit relevant proof in case of absence.

• In case of absence from an assessment activity, the student may sit the test on the day they return to school (in the case of primary school).

• In secondary school it will be necessary to provide medical proof or proof from an appropriate official bodyto sit the exam; otherwise the teacher will not be obliged to allow the student to sit the exam.

• If there is not a valid reason, work submitted after the indicated deadline will not be accepted.

• Nursery and primary schoolstudents who have more than 50% absenteeism will not be assessed in that term.

• Secondary school students who have more than 50% absenteeism without any justification will be given the minimum grade.

• It is compulsory to  punctually attend all classes, justifying delays and early departures.

• Leaving or going back into class for a medical visit or other reasons must be adjusted, if possible, to in between classes or during break times.

• If secondary school students are late in the coming back to class after break or a change of subject, a protocol will be followed.

• The school’s entrance doors will open five minutes before the start of classes and will close on time. Once classes have started, the school’s protocol will begin.

Educational materials and school supplies

• Students must bring the necessary equipment that is recommended by the teacher for work on every day activities.
• The smock is mandatory throughout the day in nursery and primary school.

The school’s uniform and sports equipment is mandatory:

• School materials (diary, folders, books, copies, etc.) must be in perfect condition, and must not have graffiti, drawings or stickers. In case of damage or loss, another must be bought.
• The school supplies that the school provides (diary, folders and notebooks) iscompulsory.

Work and order

• Students will not be provided with materials or other items that they forget to bring to class once the school day has begun.

• Once the school day is over, students may not enter the classroom to collect books, clothing or other materials. The classrooms will remain closed.

• The normal functioning of classes may not be interrupted with inappropriate behaviours.

• When students move from one class to another they will do so in order, trying to be as quiet as possible.

• Students must use the stairs and walk down halls without shouting.

• Students will be silent in the library and respect the work attitude of their peers and the function for which the library was created.

• Students may not leave the classroom without the teacher’s permission.

• It is forbidden to chew gum, sunflower seeds, and similar products on the school campus.

• Breakfast snacks are only eaten in the yard, except for nursery school students and first cycleprimary school students or those who for any reason must remain in the classroom with the permission of the teacher or person responsible.

• Nothing may be written on the arms or hands, and nail polish or accessories may not be worn (visible piercings).


• When parents need to report an incident, they should follow the following protocol: first talk to the tutor (or teacher of the appropriate subject), if they cannot solve it, talk to the head of studies, and finally, if necessary, with the principle.

• The school/family communication vehicle is the school diary. It is mandatory in all stages and it must be brought to school every day.
• Meetings requested by parents or guardians/teachers should be arranged via telephone with the school secretary with two days notice.

• All members of the educational community (teachers, tutors, head teachers and management) have specific times available to parents, these times must be respected.

• Teachers/parents must report any incident through the diary and parents/teachers must sign these statements to verify that they are aware.

 • Teachers are unable to meet parents when they are in class or in the yard, or during school entrance hours.

• Families have to take responsibility for keeping track of the school diary. The school diary is a valuable tool to know what homework students have and to help them get organised.

• As an alternative means of communication, the school’s entire staff has an email address available to families.

Use of electronic devices

• The use of mobile phones or electronic devices by students is not allowed on campus (buildings and grounds). In the event that a family deems it necessary for their child to bring a device to school, they will need to communicate this with written authorisation and the device will be kept in the secretary’s office until the end of the school day.

• To ensure this policy, the student with permission will bring the electronic device to the secretary’s office at the start of the school day and will pick it up at the end.

• Breach of points A or B will result in the following protocol:

• 1sttime: the device will be confiscated (without memory card and SIM) and considered as a breach of school rules. The family can pick it up from 1st day of the confiscation.

• 2ndtime: the device will be confiscated (without memory card and SIM) and considered as a second breach of school rules. The family may pick it up from the 5th day of the confiscation.

• 3rdtime: the device will be confiscated (without memory card and SIM) and considered as a third breached of school rules (equivalent to gross misconduct). The family may pick it up from the 10th day of the confiscation.

Internet - Social Networks

• Students may not use images of staff or facilities without prior express written consent.

• Breach of this rule will constitute gross misconduct. The school reserves the right, at an institutional or individual level, to initiate appropriate legal action in order to protect the image and good name of the school and its members.

Lost objects

• Objects that are lost within the school premises will be stored in a suitable place.

• Parents may withdraw items daily by asking the concierge or secretary.

• The school is not responsible for loss or damage to personal items.

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