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The L’Oreig School was founded in 1975 as an educational option that does not discriminate on grounds of race, religion or ideology.
It is a private, Catalan and secular school, accredited by the Department of Education of the Regional Government of Catalonia.
We see the education of our children as a process that begins at the age of 3 and which shifts at 16. Students, their families and the school begin this journey together, having a common goal, the integral development of the person, through rigorous and demanding support in the learning process, which is personalised to tap into the potential and capabilities of each student.
We want to teach students to be competent, autonomous and socially committed to the universal value of respect and peaceful coexistence.
Our programme is distinguished by the importance we give to languages and our commitment to adapt the latest technologies to academia.


Nursery school

Throughout this cycle, the child goes through a series of development stages at biological, psychological and social levels. In this developmental process, the child goes from being dependent and impulsive to making reflections on their actions and becoming autonomous. Furthermore, their interaction with their environment will trigger the dynamic process of building their personality.
Stimulation neurologically trains children through programmes such Reading, Math (Entusiasma’t project), Encyclopaedic Knowledge, Basic Development, Music, Artistic Expression and Body Language.
Educational supplements:
English, Artistic Expression, Swimming, Computing/ICT and Musical Awareness.
Cultural activities:
Cultural tours, excursions, Community and Traditional Festivals.

Primary school

Primary education is structured into three programmes of two years each, thus encouraging greater respect for student learning rhythms. The school enables the acquisition of cultural elements that helpstudents develop their full potential, to show them how to make choices according to their abilities and put them in charge of their own learning.

Educational supplements:

First cycle: English (ICT support), Social and Natural Sciences (in English), Artistic Expression, Swimming, Computing, Musical Awareness, Reasoning Workshop, Body Language.
Second cycle: English (ICT support), Judo, Computing, Library, Musical Awareness (flute), Social and Natural Sciences (in English), Reasoning Workshops, Body Language.
Third cycle: English (ICT support), French, Artistic Expression (in English), Ethics, Judo, Computing, Library, Musical Awareness (flute), Theatre, Conferences, Body, Language, Reasoning Techniques, Workshops, French.

Secondary school

This stage is spread over 4 academic years. The secondary school consolidates the instrumental learning acquired in Primary School, certain subjects are relaxed and students develop their autonomy and responsibility through full respect for democratic values. All students work with a digital book and a personal computer.

Educational supplements:

Library, Counselling and Individual Orientation, Computing, French, Ethics and Artistic Expression.

Cultural activities:
Cultural tours, Excursions, Conferences, Contests, Floral Games, Traditional Festivals, Workshops, among others.

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